Procurement analytics

Procurement analytics

  • 2 days training
  • 6-18 students in the group
  • Consideration of all aspects of procurement valuation
  • Adaptation of training for a company / audience
  • The cost of 39 000 rubles per student*

The world's most valuable resource
is no longer oil, but data

The Economist, 2017

Maintaining a competitive position and even the survival of a business is now increasingly dependent on the organization’s ability to use all areas of improvement. Procurement analytics offers tremendous opportunities to improve company performance. This is a transition to a data-driven organization.

About what:

  • KPI's of the Procurement
  • Learning to master all types of analysis
  • Earn procurement: a dream or reality
  • Costs vs. budget
  • 7 types of analytics in procurement and what they give
  • Truth or demonstration: procurement performance measurement approaches
  • How to get into P&L
  • Reporting as a decision base
  • Automation of procurement performance reporting

For you:

  • Leaders and Procurement Teams
  • CFOs and financial supervisors
  • Operational directors
  • Business / Management Supervisors

It's also interesting for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve the company's operating results

As a result:

  • Understanding and capability to use all types of analysis in procurement
  • Procurement evaluation methodology
  • "Correct" presentation of the result
  • Transition to data-driven solutions
  • Increases in procurement savings

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*the cost is relevant in the territory of Moscow and the nearest Moscow region at the customer’s premises